A guide to improving the ease of doing business

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A guide to improving the ease of doing business It addresses legacy insurance industry problems that have resulted from decades of operations and compliance teams having to rely on legacy systems to maintain a range of data.

The guide explores how the insurance industry’s reliance on outdated technology and manual processes is holding back carriers, agencies and the MGA – and what the future holds for those who know it’s time to move on.

Challenges facing the ease of operation of legacy systems

If your team plays the copy/paste, email and call back game, they are probably already very familiar with the most important challenges to the ease of your work. It is also possible that your producers or other downstream partners are ready to upgrade to their workflow with you as well.

Your internal teams and stakeholders as well as your external partners can benefit from insurance tools such as compliance management systems, contract management solutions, and other carrier or agency management software. Relying on manual tools to handle these collaborative, multi-team processes makes it difficult for your business to be a good partner.

This guide shows how technology solutions can streamline your internal and external processes for efficiency, making your recruitment efforts more ubiquitous and lubricating pathways with your partners.

By outlining the most important barriers to ease of doing business, this guide also points out the easiest gains you can achieve by making a digital transformation of your insurance business.

Download this guide To find out how insurance management programs can affect areas such as:

Timing is everything; Now is the time for the digital transformation of insurance

The COVID-19 events have certainly started a revolution in insurance technology, with a greater focus on automated workflows, better data management, and generally moving away from difficult legacy systems. But even before, digital transformation was too late.

For companies in the insurance industry, digitizing compliance and legal processes is a (relatively) light lift with huge benefits for ease of use and bottom line. If this is a line item that constantly gets pushed back into your budget year after year, then it’s time. It’s time to end the loop of manual processes, it’s time to end the chain of producers who are coming out of your hiring pipeline at the last minute, it’s time to transform your process. It’s time to make life easier for your employees, partners, yourself and It’s time to download this guide.

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