Life insurance for business owners [2023]

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  • Life insurance protects dependent business owners and business partners by ensuring continued employment after your death
  • Life insurance quotes for business owners average $57 per month
  • The best life insurance companies for business owners are State Farm and Pacific Life

If you are a business owner, traditional life insurance may not provide enough coverage to meet your needs. Fortunately, there are many Types of life insurance For business owners, including purchase and sale agreements and key persons insurance.

This guide discusses commercial life insurance policies and compares rates to help you find the most affordable option.

Understanding life insurance for business owners

Taking out business life insurance will relieve you of any financial burden resulting from your death, including compensation for lost income. It can also act as business overhead insurance by covering loans, leases, payroll, and business-provided life insurance (or group life insurance).

Ideally, business owners will have a personal and key policy to protect their loved ones, employees, and business partners.

Life insurance quotes are always free.

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Life insurance coverage options for business owners

Business owners have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing life insurance. Compare the different policies in the table below.

Types of life insurance for business owners

Types of life insurance a description
Personal life insurance For personal debt and family support. It can replace income, pay off personal debts, leave an inheritance, and keep your family financially secure.
The main man’s life insurance Protects your business by providing financial support in the event of the loss of an owner or employee critical to the success of the company.
Sale and purchase agreement A legally binding agreement between business owners that determines the fate of the company in the event that one of the owners dies, becomes disabled, or wishes to sell his interest in the company. There are two main types, the reciprocal purchase agreement and the entity purchase and sale agreement.

You can choose a term plan, which lasts for a set number of years, or whole life insurance, which lasts your entire life. Most life insurance for business owners is term insurance.

Business coverage options

coverage type a description
Life insurance Affordable, flexible and provides protection during critical years. You can buy it for business partners too
Permanent life insurance It provides lifetime coverage as long as you keep up with the premiums. They cost more but a guaranteed payment can be beneficial. Builds monetary value.

Learn more on our website For permanent life insurance Guide.

Personal life insurance for business owners

Personal life insurance provides a death benefit to your family or business partners who can use it to cover costs related to work or a funeral. learn How does life insurance work.

However, suppose your family needs a death benefit to replace lost income after your death. In this case, a separate basic life insurance policy or a life insurance plan purchase and sale agreement is more applicable to business owners.

Key man life insurance for business owners

Master key insurance protects a company from bankruptcy if a key employee dies or becomes unable to work. The company can buy Key person life insurance upon you and the owners, executives and other essential employees.

Since this is a company-owned policy, the company is responsible for paying the insurance premiums, not the employee covered by the policy.

Life insurance purchase and sale agreement for business owners

The sale and purchase agreement is ideal for Business succession planning If you share ownership with someone else. It will determine what happens to the shares of the business if the owner dies or decides to leave the business.

Purchase and sale agreements usually do not include life insurance, but you can add coverage in the following ways:

  • Cross Purchase Agreements: Business owners buy life insurance for each other and use the death benefits to buy shares if one of them dies.
  • Entity Purchase Plan: The company buys life insurance for each employer and uses the death benefit to purchase shares if one dies.

Learn how Buying life insurance for someone else To find out which plan works best for you.

Cost of life insurance for business owners

Finding cheap life insurance for business owners depends on your age and medical history. Monthly rates start at $11 for 25-year-olds, while older policyholders pay up to $178.

Monthly rates for term life insurance based on age and coverage amounts

age $100,000 policy $250,000 insurance policy $500,000 policy
25 years $11 $13 $21
30 years $11 $14 $22
35 years old $11 $14 $22
He is 40 years old $12 $17 $26
45 years $14 $21 $34
50 years $18 $29 $50
55 years old $23 $39 $70
60 years old $32 $61 $87
65 years old $44 $92 $178

Since business owners usually require more coverage in the event of their death, your monthly rates may be higher than average. Keep reading to determine How much life insurance do you need.

How to determine how much life insurance business owners need

How much life insurance business owners need depends on the size of the business, any loans or debts, and your personal financial situation. Think about the beneficiaries and who will be affected financially by your death.

Use the life insurance calculator Calculate your life insurance needs and specify How much life insurance can you buy Or if you need the whole life.

Life insurance quotes are always free.

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The best life insurance companies for business owners

Most common life insurance companies sell major personal and other insurance policies to business owners, including:

  • Haven Live
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Omaha Mutual
  • Pacific Life
  • state farm

Our research found State Farm and Pacific Life to be among those The best life insurance companies For customer satisfaction and price.

Tips on finding life insurance for business owners

Follow these tips when shopping for life insurance to ensure you get the right policy:

  • Decide how much coverage you need. Consider the amount of debt and overhead costs for your business and family members who depend on your income.
  • Talk to a financial advisor. They can help you understand the tax implications of life insurance for business owners, incl When is life insurance taxable? And if you qualify for the discount.
  • Compare life insurance rates. get Term life insurance quotes Online is the easiest way to compare several companies at once.

Use the comparison tool above to start comparing free life insurance quotes today.

Why is life insurance important to business owners?

Business owners must have life insurance to cover business and burial expenses after their death. Term life insurance for business owners is the most common, but many business partners choose purchase and sale agreements to protect their interests in the event that one of the partners dies or decides to leave the business.

Compare rates online and speak with a financial advisor before you buy business owner life insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is life insurance for business owners too expensive?

Life insurance rates for business owners are very reasonable, starting at $11 per month.

Why do business owners need life insurance?

Employer life insurance will protect your family and dependents, including business partners, from losing their livelihood after your death.

Can the main person life insurance be taxed?

Yes, principal person life insurance rates must be paid in after-tax dollars.

What is the sale and purchase agreement?

The sale and purchase agreement decides how the co-owners will buy shares when another business owner dies or leaves the business.

How Much Principal Person Life Insurance Coverage Does the Business Need?

The amount of basic insurance you need depends on the covered employee’s compensation, any revenue the employee earns directly from the business, and the cost of replacement recruitment and training.

What happens to a business owner’s life insurance if the business is sold or dissolved?

If the business is sold, the terms of the sale and purchase agreement apply, or the new owner becomes the owner of the principal person’s life insurance policy. However, if the company is dissolved or dissolved, you, as the owner of the company, can transfer the policy to a personal one.

Can you cash out life insurance to a business owner?

You can only cash out life insurance to an employer who has a permanent insurance policy. Term life insurance does not have a cash value.

Can the main person of a life insurance policy be changed to a key person?

Yes, but the business entity with the policy must provide the correct documents to the insurance company, and the insurance company can reject any changes.

Who makes a life insurance claim to an employer?

Beneficiaries must file a life insurance claim with their employer to receive a death benefit. A surviving spouse, business partner, or successor will usually file a life insurance claim with the employer.

Life insurance quotes are always free.

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