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  • Smoking and tobacco use will greatly affect your life insurance rates
  • Life insurance premiums can cost three times as much if you smoke
  • If you quit using tobacco for at least 12 months, you can purchase non-smoking life insurance

Most people are aware of the harmful effect of smoking on your health, but have you realized how harmful it is to your life insurance rates? If you smoke cigarettes or use tobacco in any way, life insurance companies may increase your rates by up to 100%.

Unfortunately, life insurance for smokers is often much more expensive than life insurance for non-smokers. This is because insurance companies see smoking as an inherent risk because of the harmful health effects it can cause, and smokers can pay much more in the long run or Permanent life insurance Policies.

If you are looking for life insurance for a smoker, you will want to take your time and research several companies. Doing so will help you determine which ones offer the cheapest rates for life insurance coverage. You may be able to find cheap life insurance for smokers, although rates may still be above average.

When you compare prices, you’ll find the best life insurance for smokers in your area and you won’t be paying as much for your coverage.

Can I get life insurance coverage if I smoke?

You can get life insurance for smokers, but it will probably be more expensive than a standard life insurance policy. However, tobacco use is a proven health risk with regard to life expectancy, so life insurance companies take smoking and tobacco consumption very seriously.

If you smoke, some life insurance companies may refuse to cover you. Life insurance companies can also deny coverage if you have certain medical conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or diabetes. Remember to be honest about your smoking, as the life insurance company can refuse coverage if you lie.

What do life insurance companies consider “smoking”?

Tobacco use and smoking go hand in hand with most insurance companies. Most life insurance companies group the following into the “smoking” category:

  • cigarettes
  • Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes
  • Pedis
  • cigars
  • tubes
  • hookahs
  • chewing tobacco
  • Sniff
  • melted tobacco
  • Nicotine patches, lozenges, chewing gum, inhalers and nasal sprays
  • Heated tobacco products

You can Get life insurance using marijuana, but the rates may be as high as those of smokers, especially if you are a regular user. Some life insurance companies offer a boon to individuals who smoke cigars occasionally. To qualify, you must smoke cigars less than once a month. Otherwise, you are considered a smoker.

Do all insurance companies have the same standards for smokers?

Insurance companies handle claims differently. For example, some insurance companies may offer more leniency to some individuals, while others may be stricter.

For example, Prudential is often lenient towards cigar smokers. If you have a life insurance policy with Prudential, you can smoke cigars less than once a month and get a non-smoking rate. In addition, if you haven’t smoked for at least 12 months, you qualify as a nonsmoker, even if you smoke pipes, cigars, or chew tobacco. Find out more in our Prudential Life Insurance Company review.

On the other hand, Legal & General America considers you a smoker if you smoke cigarettes, pipes, use smokeless or chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vape devices, or nicotine replacements.

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Why is life insurance more expensive for smokers?

As mentioned earlier, smoking reduces a person’s life expectancy. For this reason, life insurance companies increase life insurance rates for a smoker because she is statistically less likely to pay for her entire life policy or more likely to die during her life policy than a non-smoker.

While cigarette use is at an all-time low in the United States, many people still suffer from smoking-related illnesses. Life insurance companies will increase your rates to offset the cost of insuring you.

How much are life insurance rates for smokers?

In many cases, life insurance rates for smokers can be double or even triple what non-smokers would pay for the same policy. For an example, look at the table below, which shows a 20-year 500k life policy.

Men and women in their 40s who smoke pay more for life insurance than their non-smoking counterparts. However, smokers’ term life insurance would be the cheapest option when compared to the cost of a permanent life insurance policy. Learn how to get life insurance quotes.

Will my life insurance company know if I smoke?

If you’ve been thinking about lying about smoking on health insurance applications, think again. You should be as honest as possible when filling out a life insurance application. Life insurance companies can validate your statements using various methods.

One way a life insurance company can find out that you lied about smoking is through a medical exam. Here’s what to expect if you need a life insurance medical check.

When you provide the necessary blood and urine samples, your doctor will find cotinine, a by-product of nicotine, in your system. In addition, life insurance companies can take advantage of the following to determine if you smoke or use tobacco products:

  • Doctor’s records: Many life insurance companies require the medical records of anyone they want to insure. Nicotine use will be part of your medical history if you smoke.
  • Pharmacy databases: If you have ever used medication to stop smoking, the insurance company may find out through your pharmacy records.
  • Social media: Life insurance companies find potential clients on social media. If you have videos or photos of yourself smoking, your insurance company can use this as evidence that you lied about your application.
  • Your voice: Some life insurance companies use specific techniques to determine if you smoke with your voice.

It is important to be as honest as possible with your life insurance application. Otherwise, your application may be denied, and you may end up without a policy. Learn what happens if you lie on your life insurance application.

How long do I need to quit smoking to become a non-smoker?

Most insurance companies determine that you are a non-smoker if you have gone more than 12 months without smoking a cigarette or using tobacco products.

What if I quit smoking after buying life insurance?

You can forgo your smoker’s insurance policy and get cheaper life insurance rates if you go 12 months or more without smoking. Talk to your life insurance company about the steps needed to be recognized as a non-smoker.

What happens if I start smoking after I buy a life insurance policy?

Once you purchase life insurance, your rates will not go up if your lifestyle changes. Therefore, if you start smoking after purchasing the insurance policy, the life insurance company will not raise your rates.

Can I avoid a life insurance check-up as a smoker?

You must have a medical exam if you purchase a standard or whole life insurance policy. However, other types of life insurance do not require a medical exam.

You can purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance policy without answering any questions or participating in a medical examination. Guaranteed life insurance rates This type of coverage is often very expensive, with coverage ranging from just $5,000 to $25,000.

How do I find the cheapest life insurance for smokers?

Finding the cheapest life insurance for cigar and cigarette smokers doesn’t always mean finding affordable rates. Since life insurance can be more expensive for smokers, you may be disappointed in the initial prices you receive from different companies.

With that said, there are a few things you can do to get the best life insurance rates as a smoker:

  • Compare quotes: Consider quotes and policies from several companies before making a coverage decision.
  • Package insurance documents: Buy life insurance with a company you already have an insurance policy with. You can often pair life insurance with home or car insurance for affordable rates.
  • Re-evaluation: If you quit smoking, ask if the life insurance company will reassess you for a new policy.

It is important that you try to get the cheapest life insurance rates as a smoker because you will be paying for it for months and years to come. Find out how life insurance works.

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Life insurance for smokers: Conclusion

Smokers can buy life insurance, but the rates may not be affordable for non-smokers. Often, smokers pay double and even triple what non-smokers pay for an insurance policy for the term or the full term. In addition, some smokers may need Life insurance for high risk individuals.

When you apply for life insurance, be honest about your smoking. Otherwise, life insurance companies will refuse your application. You can get lower life insurance rates if you compare rates, package life insurance to other insurance policies, and reclassification if you stop smoking for at least 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Life Insurance Companies Refuse Coverage If You Smoke?

Some life insurance companies will deny coverage if you smoke. If you are accepted as a policyholder, you can expect to pay much higher rates for coverage.

How much does life insurance cost if you smoke?

In many cases, you will pay two to three times as much for life insurance as a smoker than a non-smoker would.

What if I lie about smoking on my application?

A life insurance company will likely deny coverage if you lie about smoking on a life insurance application.

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